Bar and waiting staff

We have a pool of well-trained bar and/or waiting staff to cater your event or help with your staffing situation.

They will come with a minimum of 2 years experience in hospitality and customer service. 

We provide our own uniform or it can be customised to suit the event/venue. 

You can choose from staff with the following experience such as: corporate events, weddings, bar and restaurant experience, nightclub, cocktail bar and festivals.

 management staff

We are involved in the event management sector. anything from event management and advice to a full blown festival and everything in between.

Primarily we provide for weddings, corporate events, venue management, and venue catering/bars.

Because of the structure of our business, no event is too big or too small.

We have worked at many private homes and venues alongside some of the most sought after and secret locations in the UK; The Guildhall, Cambridge; Syon Park and The Tower of London in Central London.

Private security

We work closely with various security companies to ensure the right level of cover at your event. 

We realise that many (private) events do not require any security at all. However you can rest assure that we have the ability to provide such a service for small or large public events.